Why I identify with the Scientific Method so much

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I'm a science girl at heart, truly a science girl, a walking questionnaire with an innate penchant for curiosity. I couldn't help it even if I tried.
You see, I love Biology and Chemistry and I understand Physics. I love to see patterns and connect dots. I find pleasure in mixing and titration, both physically and also in the mind.

I love to go back and forth, for that in itself gives me pleasure, not just the final answer.
Could it stem from the mathematical way of making you "show working?" That precious but tedious principle that our Teachers passed on to us, letting us know that you get your marks in the working and not just in the final answer. And even when the final answer is wrong, you still don’t get an automatic fail, because you did follow the right steps, but maybe missed one or two calculations along the way.

I see a valuable lesson here, but
Back to my loves;
I love to talk about saponification, I love the certainty that comes with following a recipe at the same time the freedom of creativity that tweaking it a little affords you as well.

I love to sing and listen to music, I love how some sounds seem like candy in the ears and at the same time balm to the soul, how my voice in an empty room sounds like that of an angel. In my much younger days, when Nollywood was about the Prince falling in love with the poor girl by the stream, I still remember imagining that my Prince charming could very well be passing by the window as I engaged my air pipes in blissful melodies, and fall in love with me... fret not though, the Prince is still coming, the Keke is still loading passengers.

I love to dance too, seriously, there's this beauty in movement, this freedom of expression and coordination that comes with putting one step and another together. I love how it's like the melodies flow through your bloodstream and the beat! Oh, it's like you become one with the beat.

I love laughing, yeah, those tummy aching laughs you have with your friends or siblings or at a meme. I love the sound of my laughter, it's lively and loud and it's all the beautiful things in the world put in mirth.

I love the sound of my voice, I love talking, I love encouraging or correcting or teaching. Yes, at times I don't want to listen to my voice recorded, but its effect on people is not lost on me.

I love reading, haq haq haq, should I even start this one; being able to enter someone’s mind, to live voraciously or timidly through them, to see for yourself via their lenses and glean wisdom to imbibe or avoid via their stories.
The play of words on paper, the pattern, of black on white, beckoning you to travel... I remember books were my first window. Before I had ever stepped one foot outside my motherland, I had first travelled by books, seen sights in my mind's eye, envisioned things beyond what my present surroundings could offer. Please remind me again... why won’t I love books???

In my story of mathematics earlier, I said I see a valuable lesson.
If we could just approach life the way our teachers made us understand maths, how much more fulfilled would we be?
What we’ll need to do is learn the basic principles, derive pleasure in the working and show your working to the best of your ability. Sometimes you might get frustrated and sometimes you might get stuck, but that’s not an open door to throw in the towel, rather you seat at it, you reason differently, you think outside the box, you confer with friends, colleagues and even elders until you pass that hurdle and you keep moving forward.
If we could only realize that it’s not only the destination that matters, but the journey there is just as important if not more. If only we could realize, that a miscalculation doesn’t mean your failure as a mathematician, rather like a string of lights, it shows you a path to avoid next time... and ultimately, the good news is this; the more you solve, the more proficient you get, the quicker you spot nuances and pitfalls until you see yourself with a PhD, teaching others.
I believe if we could approach life this way, we’ll see a lot more smiling faces and a little less haste and dissatisfaction in the proverbial "rat race".

I could go on and on and on, but I’ll need to bring this to some semblance of a close.
I remember cracking my brain, with New School Chemistry and Biology, trying to understand what the Scientific Method was all about.
In a nutshell, it’s this: you take your time to observe something, a pattern of some sort, you do your research, propose a hypothesis, show your workings until you become somewhat of a master at it. Over time and practise your hypothesis then becomes a theory, until someone else comes along to discredit or modify your working... and yes, I believe I identify with that a lot.
I dream so much, I work on my dreams, passions and loves as much as I can, I keep getting better at it until I become a master and I leave a legacy for others to build upon. A legacy that’ll always be tested by time.

It’s the 8th of March, and I just want to wish a very HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY to all Ladies all over the world!

You can see from all I’ve written above, that as a woman, I am human, and I think just for that reason, we should be celebrated.
Not necessarily because of what I wear or where I go or what I do, but because we as women bring something, a beautiful flair to all of humanity, a flair that’s distinct and all our own and with that, we help make the world a better place.




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Divine-Blessing Ajah

Divine-Blessing Ajah

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