I see things in Colour

In misery and gloom
He was brought
He's was a community case
They begged the Master to touch him
And guess what? He did! Not just once, but twice

Imagine being stuck in the '40s with just black and white for entertainment, but this time, remove the white. That was Mr Blind's predicament. For how long, we know not, but it warranted a community effort to get him help.

That's how life is- Black, No white, Grey and Gloom. Until light steps in; I mean LIGHT, not NEPA.
So many times we grope around in the dark, seeking our light in validation from people, our achievements, romantic love and a myriad of places.
But today, I join hands with Mr Blind, to invite you to see things in COLOUR. You really do not have to stay stuck.
An invitation is open to all who are finally fed up- He says COME.

Simply COME.



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Divine-Blessing Ajah

Divine-Blessing Ajah

Words have scents; distinct, all their own. I hope to spread a fragrance, that keeps you coming back for more!