Archived Chats: A short mini-series

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We’ve all done it, haven’t we? Just with the click of a button, we put off forgiving just a little bit longer. It’s a nagging thought in your heart, but you’d rather switch on the TV.
Later, later, l.a.t.e.r you say, failing to realize that once the "R" is removed, later becomes late.

Why leave for tomorrow what can be done today? Why not visit your archives today and kick start a short series of events, that will ultimately result in an unclogged/uncluttered operating system, aka your heart.

Make that trip, write that letter, phone that friend 😌

Part 2

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Now the archived chat we speak to is you, yes you!

I mean you made yourself a prisoner in your own home. "Memories that can’t seem to let go" you call them, when in reality, they are shackles you constantly regurgitate, because of your failure to realize, that when He said ALLL THINGS ARE MADE NEW He meant just that!
Or maybe, just maybe, you became a tad bit addicted unknowingly but very willingly, to the feeling of helplessness you rejuvenated with those thoughts, you began to get a certain kind of high from wallowing in that mud of self-pity, self-degradation and self-hatred that like the proverbial pig, even when taken out by mercy and cleaned up, you jump right back in at the sight of the next pigsty.

Now Dear one,
Will you keep chewing the cud?
Will you keep wallowing in the mud?
Or will you dream as one whose captivity has been turned??🤸‍♂️🤸🤸‍♀️

You know, I started writing this post over two weeks ago, I thought I had come to a place of forgiveness myself. Haq haq haq, I was gravely mistaken. I kept pushing my delivery of this post because I wanted to FEEL something. Until I realized what I was actually doing to myself.

If you wait till you feel like it, you might just be waiting a long long time.

The pencil’s in your hand this time 😊

Just try saying the words out loud: “Amadi Chidubem, I forgive you…



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Divine-Blessing Ajah

Divine-Blessing Ajah

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