A Tale of Pain


How do I start this?

It’s paining me, it truly is paining me. Nobody is taking the time to think... we are mostly just looking for the latest Tik Tok challenge to jump on, or the latest series to catch up on, or the latest league to support, Nobody is taking the time to think.
We are busy consuming the fruits of other people’s thoughts, and not caring to have any of our own.
How long are we gonna continue like this?😭
Music that could also serve as a source of inspiration is now mostly used as a means of escape. We are all escaping, into movies or novels or varying addictions, when we have not even taken the time to live! What exactly are we always trying to escape from?

It looks to me like we’re trying so badly to escape our realities, always looking for the next surge of dopamine, when we should in reality be putting our thinking caps on. We’re looking for the next person to roast on Twitter, when we should be thinking of how to roast Dodo in an innovative way, as to attract people in glass houses.

Instead of building mental fortitude via either physical hard work or meaningful and purposeful reading + application, we are busy reclining to easy cheap "highs". That come quickly and go just as quick.

We're chasing money, clout, fame… thinking it'll fulfill our hearts/dreams, where said dreams are the luxurious-easy life we see being trotted all over the media by the said elite, not necessarily conjunctions of our own mind.

I am really concerned, what's gonna be our future? Are the days of inventions over? Has all that has been created all there will ever be?

We have succeeded in propagating a culture of — "Do you and let others sink in the Atlantic for all I care!" — and how far have we really gotten?? We’ve failed to realize that civilizations of old, that helped bring us to this point, did a lot of thinking together coupled with altruistic living, looking beyond themselves to see how to help make life a little better for the next person or the corporate society. If not who came up with the idea of having the Police? Or the Bank? Or the Ambulance? If you’re doing you, you might as well learn all the trades and treat yourself when sick, give yourself financial advise, teach your children Architecture as well as fight off the Thief when he comes around.
We’ve propagated independence so much that we’re losing our touch of humanity.

I am pained, we’re not self-sufficient and we’re not designed to be so, if not, why are babies not born adults? Why would the female reproductive system be so constructed that that of the male is the only thing that can satisfy it, never mind the gross perversion that has taken over the land. The unity that... I’ve gone off on a tangent, but isn’t that the way of thoughts? Do you sit down and organize what to think? If you’ve ever done any thinking yourself, you will surely understand me.

In the words of Steve Jobs — “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

In summary, this is just me, telling us, and I must add, especially those of us of African descent, to THINK. To think outside the box, to think generational, to think "for the betterment of society" and see if after the society is better, it won't better you.

And please, go get your PVC if you’re a Nigerian.

Love and Peace✌



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Divine-Blessing Ajah

Divine-Blessing Ajah

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